Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney Firms for Contemporary Design

Posted in Jan 4, 2015

You will start liking contemporary interior design for your home or office if you enjoy modern trends and current styles. The design is not drab and dull. It is vibrant and welcoming. This is why it is becoming very popular in the market today. The interiors are very cosy and you can transform your home or your office into a comfortable and cosy place in no time.

What does contemporary design contain?

When you take a look at contemporary design, you will find that it is a combination of clean lines, simplicity, sophistication and texture. The designer in this forte of design gives a lot of emphasis to colour, sleekness, space and shades. The colours that are used are bold and bright. They are neutral and not too loud for the eye. When you take a closer look at contemporary design, you will find that there are some salient trademarks of the design that you cannot ignore. There are chrome metallic hues when glass and heavy mirrors are used. You will also see a lot of geometric shapes and bare windows in the design. There are colour blocks that are bold and the ceilings are high. The design is often complemented by contemporary design furniture.


Contemporary Design Furniture

You will find that the furniture that is used for contemporary design is very smooth and clean. The furnishings are inclined towards the use of natural fabrics and they are mostly wool, jute, silk, linen and cotton. The fabrics and the fibre give you the aesthetic appeal with success. The hues also will be dependent on the availability of the space of your premises. Award winning interior designers Sydney from firms such as Design4Space will examine carefully all aspects of the space before they start their work.  To know more about our Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney firm, please visit