Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney Reveal Contemporary Interior Design Rules

Posted in Feb 23, 2015

Thinking of giving your house a contemporary style interior design? Well, here at Design4Space, the number one interior design firm in Australia, you would find some of the best award winning interior designers Sydney. For years, Design4Space has been helping clients get the desired look and feel for their homes. If you want your house to reflect your personality, lifestyle and fondness for current design trends, a contemporary interior design is what you need. While designing a house in the contemporary style, the interior designers at Design4Space like to keep the following rules in mind:

The basics of contemporary interior design:

Contemporary interior design is defined by four core characteristics – clean lines, texture, subtle sophistication, and simplicity. When it comes to modern decorating techniques, experts like to focus on the space, and not essentially the things. By shifting the primary focus to shape, space and colour, award winning interior designers Sydney are able to give the house a fresh and sleek appearance. Design4Space, being one of the best companies in this industry, has a pool of talent that can come to your rescue when you are struggling to make the important decisions regarding interior designing.

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The guide to choosing contemporary style furniture:

Clean and smooth geometric shapes are some of the basic components of contemporary styled furniture items. Upholstered furniture items usually have white, black, or other neutral tones and textured natural fibres. You can also cover it in neutral, bold or black fabric. Fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and jute are also good choices as they have a special texture and appeal. The furniture pieces must be uncluttered and simple without curves or gaudy decorations. Chairs, sofas and ottomans should have exposed legs in contemporary styled design.

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