Boutique Hotel Interior Designers from Design4Space Can Help You Make a Statement with Your Hotel

Posted in Dec 3, 2014

A boutique hotel is a beautiful concept to start with, since it places top priority on the actual experience of a guest rather than just pretending to give an experience. The interior design of a boutique hotel contributes substantially towards achieving the “boutique” experience. So, if you are planning on setting up a boutique hotel, you need to place top priority on hiring the best boutique hotel interior designers to get the job done for you.

What Makes a Hotel Boutique?

A boutique hotel is based on a unique concept that reflects a specific culture. It more or less caters to a select audience who have a common interest, such as books or ancient history. You could even have a boutique hotel that is themed around Greek mythology.

Furniture for the Boutique Experience

Furniture plays a big role in building the character of a space. In a boutique hotel, you need to select furniture that reflects this character. This is a niche segment that treads the line between being classy and at the same time warm and informal. The objective is to provide guests with personalised attention and give them an experience which is homely. Boutique Hotel Interior Designers have access to rare and exclusive furniture pieces that will give your establishment that touch of class, so be clear about what you want, and you will get it.

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Plan your Layout

You need to have an accurate assessment of your space and a clear idea of the general mood you want to create for your boutique hotel. Take into account the number of rooms, the lobby space, hallways, and other cute corners where you can place furniture to ensure a comfortable boutique experience for your guests. You need to make sure that you leave out enough blank space, so that it doesn’t feel cluttered.

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