Boutique Hotel Interior Designers – When Personalised Comfort is Priority

Posted in Nov 9, 2014

To understand the design concept of a boutique hotel, it is imperative to understand what is expected from. What makes a boutique hotel stand out from the run of the mill hotels all over the country? First of all, they don’t accommodate a great number of clients. Exclusivity is the key factor in play. It’s about an advanced level of personal care and ambiance. The idea is to make the client feel at home, period. Hospitality gurus state that to belong to the boutique club, a hotel should not have more than 100 rooms. Less customers, more personal attention – that’s the mantra adopted.

You don’t get the feeling of being a guest here. There is more of a relaxed and informal approach to everything. So, from a design perspective, it’s not about showing off, it’s rather showing the client a good time. The décor needs to evoke a certain vibe that addresses the client’s need for luxury and at the same provides a homely ambiance that is not available in conventional lifestyle hotels. Boutique Hotel Interior Designers take extra care to ensure that these characteristics are met in every detail. From the furniture, the way the space is managed, lighting, and the art that is used for decoration. Ease of access to basic facilities gains top priority here.

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When designing the interiors of such a hotel, the designer keeps in perspective the needs of a customer and implements accordingly. Small details like where would a client like to have a working space to place a laptop or charge his phone, a spot by a window to do some reading or listen to music, positioning the TV so that the client can watch while having a shower, all of this goes into building the perfect ambiance. Get in touch with some of the top Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Sydney by visiting today!