Break Convention by Hiring Quality Boutique Hotel Interior Designers

Posted in Jan 4, 2015

Sleep In the Lap of Luxury

When you are fond of luxury and would like to sleep in its lap, boutique hotels are the right choice for you. These hotels are known for their comfort and style. They have a modern theme and can be adorned with designer wallpaper to create hues and accents that soothe the senses. If you wish to revamp your boutique hotel, you should be prepared to break convention by hiring high quality boutique hotel interior designers for your needs from the likes of Design4Space.

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Bold and Vibrant Hues

When you are decorating a boutique hotel, you should ensure that you have designer wallpaper with bold and vibrant hues. The patterns you choose should be soft and gentle so that they do not disturb sleep. The colours too should be neutral and not too harsh on the eye. One component that really enhances the popularity of a boutique hotel is the presence of the luxury bed. The bed should have a good quality mattress and fabric. The key is to create an opulent look and there are many contrasting textures that can be used for the purpose. You can make use of an eiderdown, duvet and throw in extra cushions. There are various textures that you can choose for the bedding and some of the popular ones are cotton, wool and silk to make the bed look cosy and inviting.

Carpet Layout

You will find that wooden floors really look great but in bedrooms they make the floor really cold. This is why you should opt for a warm and thick carpet. Boutique hotels also can be placed with welcoming rugs. Another innovative idea for getting a brighter floorboard is to paint them in a light colour so that the rooms likes airy and very bright as well.  For more outstanding ideas on how to enhance the look of your boutique hotel, you can contact skilled boutique hotel interior designers at