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Posted in Nov 5, 2014

Your home is much more than a shelter. It is a representation of your way of life.  You can make out a person by looking at his or her home. It is a symbol of how the owner cares for himself and his environment. More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the unfair and polluting practices involved in the manufacturing process of furniture. It is your responsibility to take a step in the right direction and opt for a more environment friendly way to design your home. You can easily choose to design your home in a way that it strikes a balance and communicates with your family and your environment.

If you are set on this journey, you can easily explore the various interior design schemes and products available on the market that caters to your need. You can select accessories or furnishing material that is made from sustainable wood. To take an example, you can install bamboo flooring instead of the more common hardwood flooring. It basically provides the same look and feel while you exercise your responsibility to the environment. You need to hire Best interior designer Sydney to guide you on the various other options out there.

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You don’t really have to sacrifice your preferences to make a design environment friendly. It’s through the small details that you can really make a difference.  By using non-toxic paint that is free from lead, you can ensure that your family isn’t exposed to the harmful fumes released by conventional paint.  You are making an investment in your family’s health by doing this. You could also opt for sisal rugs that are much easier to maintain rather than conventional fur rugs.

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