Commercial Interior Designer Reveals Hot Trends of 2015

Posted in Feb 8, 2015

If you thought interior design holds importance only when designing residential properties, you couldn’t be more wrong. Interior designing has a great hold in the commercial marketplace as well. From hotels to offices, professional interior designing is required in all commercial environments. In fact, a lot of exciting trends are taking place in the commercial front of interior designing. Design4Space, one of the leading interior design firms in Sydney, have some great tips and info in this area. Let us take a look at some of the top trends that are going to rule 2015:

Paint trends:

An expert commercial interior designer from Design4Space can advise you on the “Colour of the Year” that you should go for. Each year, the leading paint companies reveal their colour of the year. Although most of these selections are more targeted towards the residential properties, but commercial interior designers pick out the ones that are most complementing to a commercial environment like offices, hotels, hospitals, colleges and so on.


Flooring trends:

No drastic change is going to be spotted this year. The popular flooring trends of last year are expected to be prevalent this year as well. The modular carpet planks, for example, are here to stay for a long time. Carpet planks are trendy and durable. The easy installation of this type of flooring makes it much more convenient. Luxury vinyl tile is also going to be a hit this year.

Furniture trends:

Choosing furnishing for commercial buildings is the most difficult part. New designs emerge every now and then, making the existing ones seem a little dull in comparison. Keeping up with the ever-changing trends may not be possible. The trick is to go for ergonomic furniture items that offer both usability and style all wrapped in one.

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