Consult Design4Space Boutique Hotel Interior Designers for a Theme

Posted in Mar 6, 2015

Define your boutique hotel with the advice of design4 space boutique hotel interior designers

Boutique Hotels work with a theme in mind and when you are the owner of one, it is important that you have the right theme to attract guests to your place. The Design4Space Hotel Boutique interior designers are aware of this basic need of yours and this is why they churn out creative ideas to make you and your guests happy. It is possible to decorate the hotel keeping a specific theme in mind. There are some hotels that make a statement by painting all the walls of the hotel rooms in the same colour.

Evaluation and analysis

There are some that use different colours for their rooms to make each room look different. The space of the room is also well defined. However, this theme may work or not work for your customer. The boutique hotel interior designers will sit with you to analyse and determine the customer base that you have. This will help them think of the right theme that will work for you. The theme you have will define the hotel and this is why you should not rush into doing a quick makeover.


Accent wall theme

There is another theme that your interior designer from Design4Space may consider for your premise. This is the contrast colour theme. This is currently the popular trend for many hotels and some homes as well. Here there is an accent wall and this becomes the highlight of the room. The accent wall may be painted in a darker colour or it can be done up with a texture. The accent wall may be smooth and the other walls may have a texture. This is another interesting combination as well.

Therefore with the aid of boutique hotel interior designers from Design4Space, you effectively can get the theme you are looking for. To contact them please visit