Consult Top Sydney Interior Designers to Know the Best Floors to Maintain

Posted in Mar 6, 2015

Confused on the best flooring for your home?

There are some home owners that want and need to replace their flooring however they are not hindered by budget constraints.  Their major concern is maintenance and quality.  Homeowners on a budget will always be on the lookout for the best looking floors for their money. However, for them maintenance can be a big factor. Every material has their own pros and cons even when you are selecting laminate, hardwood, tile or vinyl.

Design4Space top Sydney Interior Designers will help you get the best hardwood floors for your home

If you have money to spend, you can opt for genuine hardwood flooring for your home. The designer will help you choose from the extensive range of wood finishes and their type. The hardwood floor can be scratched  and are susceptible to dents. These floors are also susceptible to moisture. Home owners face the same problems with these floors as individuals with wooden doors in humid climates face. These floors can also be refinished with time and this means that the floor can last for many generations. When you refinish the floor, you will also find the colour of the stains fading. At one point of time there were homeowners that used to use carpets in their kitchen and bathrooms. This was fashionable. Now, it is not as you know that moisture laden floors will invite the accumulation of allergens and bacteria.

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Allow Design4Space top Sydney Interior Designers to pick the right hardwood floor for you

If you are not a floor specialist, you will find it hard to choose the right floor for your needs. This is why you should allow Design4Space interior designers to pick the suitable kind of floor for you. Wood floors that are engineered in nature look outstanding however they are not durable like genuine hardwoods.  The top layer cannot withstand the refinishing process many times.  In case, you like the look of wood but cannot afford it, you can go in for the laminate flooring. You can find this floor in many hues like genuine hardwood. To know more about hardwood and other floors, please consult a Design4Space interior designer at