Décor Ideas for Boutique Hotels – Interior Designers’ Advice

Posted in Sep 14, 2016

Boutique Hotel Interior Designers

There is one word for interiors that follow a set pattern or design formula: BORING! If your plan is to create a striking ambience and interesting look for an interior space, you need to break the rules and follow where your heart takes you. After all, designing isn’t math that derives answers to an equation – it is an expression of your passion, feelings and style statement. The top boutique hotels interior designers in the world believe that to turn your hotel into a true luxury destination, you need to venture out of the zone of tried-and-tested and into the quirky realm of new and exciting.

Decoding the World of Interior Design for Boutique Hotels:

Hotels like these provide comfort and style, all rolled into one neat little package. Standing out of the crowd is a must for these properties or they won’t be able to grab attention and remain profitable. If you wish to create a masterpiece out of a boutique hotel with an interior designer’s expertise, here are some tips that will help you make outstanding selections.

  • Natural Light, Or Lack Thereof, Always Brings Drama to A Place: No matter how much you appreciate having those quaint little lamps and chandeliers in every corner of your property, nothing will ever beat the beauty and spectacle of natural light and its effect on an interior space. When designing your boutique hotel, try and make maximum use of whatever natural light is available to you. Have a room that is usually flooded with sunlight in the morning? Just amp up the brightness of the place with light coloured walls and contrasting furnishings. Keep things light and airy if you are playing with natural light. Too much clutter tends to overburden a place. Mirrors and tinted glass are another way to play with sunlight to create an angelic and ethereal look for a room. Be sure to try these explore these concepts with your boutique hotel interior designer.


  • Have a Common Thread That Connects Different Spaces Together: Of course, the guest bedrooms of your boutique hotels have to follow different color and décor themes from, say the bar or opium den. But it always pays to have a common thread that ties all the rooms of your hotel together and creates a sense of continuity. It could simply be a common focal point or lighting or using the same type of rug in each space – the choice is yours. Consistency is important in design and you must ensure that your boutique hotel interior designer uses this feature to tie the décor theme of each room together in one, single thread. Using common accents for room decoration re-establishes the uniqueness of your hotel in the minds of your guests.

Interior decoration is always about reflecting your personal style and passions onto the space. By actively working with your boutique hotel interior designer, you can ensure that each surface and corner of your space speaks out, catches the eye and ensnares the mind of guests who come to visit your place.