Design Concepts Avoided by the Best Interior Designer Sydney Today

Posted in Oct 18, 2014

When you’re investing in the services of a leading interior designer, you don’t want to be left in out in the cold when it comes to being trendy. Sure, everybody has their own distinct tastes, but when you consult with a designer you get to a 360 degree perspective of what it could mean for your space and whether it is the best option. Cost is one of the most important factors that influence your design. However, sacrificing elegance for economics is a mistake, because creating a better design after the fact is actually more costly.

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Over the years, the interior design industry has seen a variety of trends and fads come and go. Some are seasonal favourites while some are classics, standing the test of time. Even if you are not aware of the current trends in interior design, the moment you step into a space you receive a lasting impression. Some styles just look jaded and outdated. Here are a few of the trends that the best interior designer Sydney advise against using.

The Shabby Chic Look: It was the rage for a while. Along with it came furniture in distressed white with personalised accessories.It gives the space a sweet innocent charm that tries hard to look like it’s not trying. It has certainly run its course and it’s definitely not chic any more.

Animal: It sure does catch your attention.However, animal print is simply outdates. It throws out any hint of subtle sophistication and it’s hard to actually make it work for a space.

The Bare Minimum: The style is all about subtlety.In fact, it actually goes overboard. Monochrome shades, greys, and whites and two or three pieces of furniture with classic lines don’t do the trick. It is so impersonal and devoid of life, and gets the thumbs down from the best interior designer Sydney.

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