Design4Space Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney Experts for Unique Colour Combinations

Posted in Mar 6, 2015

Design4Space Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney Experts Advice on Colour

You will find that from the outside all houses more or less look the same. It is the wall paint inside the rooms that makes the home unique. The colour of the wall sets the tone for the room and is a reflection of the people using the space.  We all are busy with our lives and live in a concrete jungle. When we come home we wish to come back to a place of happiness and bliss. The colour of the room will influence your moods. You can opt for cool and neutral shades for specific rooms or go in for dark and bold shades for others.

What do the Design4 Space Award winning interior designers Sydney Experts say?

Award winning interior designers recommend that the colour of the room should be as per its use. For example when you are deciding the colour combination for a child’s room, it is bound to get dirty in minutes as they love to play. If you have very small kids, they tend to take colour pencils or crayons to scribble on the wall. For this room, the hues should be such to avoid it becoming an eye-sore. The colour of the room also depends on the wear and tear. For instance, the kitchen walls should be painted as per its use and the space.  You can opt for dark and bold colours for this area of your home.

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Go in for colour matching

One of the best ways for you to ensure that the colours of your walls do not clash with one another is colour matching.  No home owner would like their home walls to look like a complete mess. This is why you should pay attention to the colour of the walls with time and research. Moreover, you should be aware of your colour preferences as well. Your friend may be fond of the colour brown but this hue may drag you down. This is why it is important for you to take into consideration the colours you need to choose for the room. To know more please visit