Design4Space: Boutique Hotel Interior Designers are at Your Service

Posted in Feb 16, 2015

Want to redecorate your boutique hotel or design your house like one? Well, boutique hotels define class and luxury. When guests walk through the doors of a boutique hotel, they expect to find a perfect blend of comfort, sophistication and luxury. If you have always wanted to give your house the same look and feel, the boutique hotel interior designers here at Design4Space are here to help you achieve it. Design4Space is one of the leading interior design firms in Australia, and the company has a team of skilled and dynamic interior design professionals who are capable of making your dream house come to life! Two of the basic interior design components that you would find in a boutique hotel include:

Soft white bedding:  

In most boutique hotels, the rooms have plump white bedding that serves as the centre piece of the room. White bedding also sets apart a hotel from a home. If you are thinking of giving your bedroom the same hotel-like appearance, the white bedding is an absolute must. You can remove the colourful bed sheets and replace them with white soft sheets once in a while. While looking for these fluffy pale sheets, make sure you get one with high-thread count linen. The boutique hotel interior designers always recommend this type of linens for bedding.


Outfitted bedside table:

The best part about staying in a boutique hotel is that the interior design makes you feel that everything you need is at your fingertips. You can outfit your bedside table to bring the same convenience of a boutique hotel to your own bedroom. A good looking lamp, some fresh flowers, and a retro cool alarm clock are some of the items that deserve a spot on your bedside table.

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