Explore Metallic Interior Concepts with Commercial Interior Designer

Posted in Nov 15, 2014

Metallic finishes were strictly taboo in home interiors until recently. In the past decade, there has been a phenomenal rise in interest to experiment with stainless steel, copper, and aluminium design concepts for interiors. They have been widely implemented for ceilings and wall accents in public spaces where high footfall is observed. Apart from that, metal applications are being used extensively in partitions, floors, railings, and walls. Interior metal concepts are generally accepted to provide safety and protection against elements like fire. When it comes to giant theatres or other public entertainment centres, metal is great for the acoustic effects.

As far as a Commercial Interior Designer is concerned, metal are just amazing to work with owing to the level of versatility it provides in comparison to conventional design materials. Metal provides a wide range of colours, accents, finishes, and profiles that meet just about any kind of requirement. With the appropriate utilization of colour, stamping, and texture, metal panels can add a whole new dimension to the interiors of commercial spaces like nothing else ever can. Metal panelling is now being used extensively in schools, airports, and other public spaces where high traffic is seen.

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Metals can be used for interiors as a space divider. It can help to divide a large area and demarcate a specific space when the entire space cannot be utilized. It can be used to set up private spaces in large restaurants, bars, or conference rooms. Cascade coil vertical ceiling scrims are used extensively to divide spaces. Even window treatments can be implemented with interior metal use. By using Cascade Coil for windows, you get adequate protection from the sun without having to abandon the view. The applications of interior metal design concepts are still being studied.

If you are interested in giving your commercial space a flashy metallic design, get in touch with a Commercial Interior Designer of repute at and discover the difference.