Gaining Perspective on Interior Decorators Sydney

Posted in Nov 15, 2014

Most people confuse an interior decorator with an interior designer. They can’t be blamed for their ignorance because on the surface, they do seem to be the same. However, in reality, you are looking at two dimensions of interiors enhancement. An interior designer is involved with a project from the beginning. He or she has to interact closely with the architect and the construction crew to affect his design concept. An interior designer is required to read blueprints and understand the working capacity of other technicians such as electrical engineers and masons to incorporate his/her design concept seamlessly.

An interior decorator is not burdened by such responsibilities. Basically, a decorator comes into the picture after everything has been put in place. A decorator has to add on what already exists. He manipulates existing elements inside a space and rearranges them or makes subtle modifications that can create a substantial enhancement in the overall ambiance. Whereas an interior designer needs to undergo extensive training and acquire a formal degree to be considered as a designer, a decorator is not required to undergo formal training to undertake a project. Interior decorators have a sense of style and are gifted at space management. They can provide valuable inputs on how to transform a space through subtle changes that do not involve a lot of investment.

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The positive aspect of an Interior Decorators Sydney is that they can be judged only on the basis of their previous work. You can actually see what they can do with a space by looking up their references. Most of the time, a decorator can work wonders just by changing the paint, making changes to the window dressing and rearranging the furniture in a specific way to achieve a wow look to an existing space. You can try out our services of Interior Decorators Sydney by paying a visit to design4space.

You need to be concise in explaining what you actually expect to do with your space and the budget you have in mind. If you are looking for talented interior decorators to give your space a new lease of life, just visit and discover freedom from stagnancy.