Get to Know How to Mix Style from the Best Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Feb 23, 2015

Interior designing can be fun. If you believe the experts at Design4Space, the leading interior design firm in Australia, there is a lot that can be done to the interiors of a house only if one knows how to do it right. If you are thinking of giving your house a makeover, there are ways you can mix and match styles to achieve the best look possible. Here at Design4Space, you will find the best interior designer Sydney to help you out with the interior design. When it comes to mixing styles in interior design, there are some factors that you would need to keep in mind. Design4Space shares some of these tips with you:

Know that some styles don’t go well together:

Before you can begin mixing and matching styles, you need to know that some styles don’t look good when merged. For example, arts and crafts are all about simplicity, whereas Victorian decor favours ornate excess. That is why Victorian decor goes well with Edwardian, French, formal English and Asian furniture items. Arts and crafts, on the other hand, are more suited to go with country styles and contemporary pieces. However, the best interior designer Sydney believes you can sometimes let the rules go and focus solely on what looks good. For example, if the space is filled with modern classic furniture, you can bring a twist by adding superb antique settee.

open curtain bedroom

Mixing wood can be a good idea:

When mixing wood, you need to consider formality. Cherry, mahogany, and oak are some of the formal choices. That is why they complement one another. Bamboo, pine and maple, on the other hand, are more casual choices. So they are more compatible with one another, but not with the formal ones.

You can get to know more about mixing and matching styles from the official website of Design4Space. Visit and find out more.