Getting the Basics Right with Top Office Interior Designers

Posted in Dec 10, 2014

Regardless of whether you have a start-up with 5 people or planning on setting up an office complex for a hundred, a professionally designed office space is going to benefit you in ways that you may not even realise. Hiring professional office interior designers is going to have high returns in the long term. The perfect office environment requires a fine balance between aesthetic appeal that inspires creativity and enhanced functionality that can contribute to better productivity. Here are some aspects that some of the top designers in Sydney advise which you need to focus on when designing the interiors for your office.

Light and Space

The more you can get the better. A well lit office provides enhanced scope for your staff to be productive and will help to maintain a positive working environment. Plan your office space so that your staff gets maximum access to natural light and you can be assured of lower absentee rates. No, we’re not joking. Same applies to space. By ensuring that your staff have plenty of space to move around and in their respective workspace, you ensure higher levels of creativity. Your designer can help manage limited space options and ensure that adequate space is devoted to your staff.

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The Free Zone

Your office needs to have a free zone that is away from the workstation. This is essentially the “water cooler space” or “gossip zones.” Like all good design elements, it too has a purpose. The free zone gives employees a space to break away from the grind and help them gain a different perspective at cracking a problem.

Eliminate Clutter Potential

You can actually design your office in such a way that it is easy to clean and keep in order. Keeping a minimalistic office concept will help to make this happen. A skilled and established designer can envision this concept for your and with your inputs can give your office a clean and clutter free look.

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