How are Interior Decorators Sydney Different from Interior Designers

Posted in Oct 18, 2014

One of the most crucial aspects of a building or space is design. Your design is what projects your business’s brand and attitude to the world. If you are planning to redecorate your home or want to set up a new office, do not lose out on working with established interior decorators Sydney. Established designers can give your space a brand new look that is positive and inspiring. A lot of people confuse interior decorators with interior designers. Although there are many similarities, you cannot substitute one for the other. Here we’ll provide you with a brief look at how these two areas of expertise are different from each other.

An interior designer needs to undergo professional training through specific programs and gain accreditation from a governing board to be recognised as practitioner. The course is designed to cover various aspects of design, including computer aided design, drawing, architecture, furniture design, and space management. Once they have successfully completed the course, they are required to register with a governing body to take on independent projects. Most interior designers work as apprentices for established designers before they set up their own business. A designer is required to coordinate with other people involved in the construction process, such as the engineer and architecture.

Interior decorators, on the other hand, are not required to undergo any formal training to be deemed fit for taking on clients. They perform based on their accumulated knowledge and skills enhanced with experience. Unlike interior designers, decorators are not required to work in tandem with architects or contractors during the construction process. They come into the picture once the structure is complete.

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Interior decorators are known to be great at turning a space around and giving it new life. They are skilled at brightening a space with accessories and giving it a certain vibe. They can help you with selecting furniture, deciding on a theme, colours, and other aspects that go into enhancing the aesthetics of a space. To know more about the best interior decorators Sydney, just visit