Interior Decorators Sydney – A Profile

Posted in Dec 3, 2014

In a way, an interior decorator can be described as a “home whisperer.” This is because he works with a raw space which is wild and shabby and converts it into a polished, well coordinated, and shiny new product. Not very different from a horse whisperer who trains wild mares and convert them to domesticated beasts of burden. Often confused for an interior designer, a decorator generally works with a space that has been polished by architects, contractors, and designers.  An interior decorator has the responsibility to upgrade the general quality of a space, making it more inviting and convenient to use.

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How is a Decorator Different from a Designer?

For starters, decorators are not necessarily trained through a formal syllabus. They usually work their way up and earn their reputation through their work and unique skills to assess and implement design concepts to make a home or office more visually appealing than they originally were.  An interior designer is required to undergo extensive training that exposes them to the architectural process and various industrial design concepts. They require formal degrees to get them qualified for practice.

Formal Recognition for Decorators

Currently, a decorator can choose to gain formal recognition from regulatory bodies such as Design Educators Council. The board awards them certifications based on review of their portfolio and extensive tests.

What Do They Do

Interior Decorators Sydney usually specialise in a particular stream of design, such as home interiors or industrial designs. They are required to be extremely versatile and adapt to the client’s specific requirements. A decorator makes an assessment of the space for the client and then offers various design concepts that fit within the client’s budgetary stipulations. Interior Decorators are much sought to make improvements to an office lobby.

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