Interior Designer Sydney Explain the Signs of Great Interior Design

Posted in Feb 16, 2015

There are a lot of similarities between art and interior design. Different people perceive them differently. Experts at Design4Space, one of the leading interior design firms in Australia, reveal that most of the great design ideas are produced when one steps out of their comfort zone, and starts thinking creatively in terms of paint, lighting, fabrics and textures. Great design can also be all about clean lines, simplicity, and modern furniture. When you hire an interior designer Sydney from Design4Space for renovation or interior design work, they will first get to know your requirements and plan the interior design based on your personality. No matter how the expert plans the design, if it is great, it will sport the following characteristics:


If you have a symmetrical living space, there are great ways to use it. The symmetrical design will automatically draw the attention to the ceiling fixture or the wallpapered ceiling. Some screens can also be placed at the back of the room and on both sides of the fireplace. This will help anchor the space. This also shifts attention to the art pieces on the wall over the fireplace.



Contrast is another aspect that interior designer Sydney take into consideration when planning the design of a house or commercial building. For example, if you place a contemporary sleek black desk and stylish lampshade stand in an otherwise colourful room, the focus would be drawn to the desk as it serves as a focal point. Maintaining the same tone can make a house look dull and drab. However, you can jazz up the look of the house by creating contrast.

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