Interior Designer Sydney Spills Kitchen Decor Ideas

Posted in Feb 23, 2015

The kitchen is one of the important areas of the house that requires serious attention when it comes to designing and decoration. This is not just an area where you cook and eat. Regardless of whether or not you like cooking, having a well decorated kitchen is an absolute must for all households. Whether you are entertaining guests, or spending a nice quality time with family, a well decorated kitchen will make your job of cooking much easier and a lot more pleasant. The interior designer Sydney here at Design4Space, the number one interior design company in Australia, is here to provide you excellent kitchen decor ideas:

Keep it monochromatic:

If you have a fondness for the black and white combination, giving your kitchen a monochromatic look may be the best idea. A monochromatic palette can be classy and sophisticated. Just because it lacks colours, it does not mean that it has to be dull. Setting black and white tiles in a zigzag pattern to cover the backsplash is actually a great way to give the kitchen area a fresh look. The graphic is interesting and unexpected. If you don’t have much cabinet space, you can hang floating shelves instead. They will serve the design purpose, while fulfilling their functionality.

bailey stairs

Going blue for a change:

Tired of seeing your kitchen dull and lifeless? Well, a dash of colour will help! Even if you are not a fan of bright colours, there are plenty of other choices that will do the trick without looking odd or out of character. Blue, for example, is a brilliant shade that gives you a peaceful feeling of calm and serenity. If your kitchen cabinets have become old, they can use a fresh coat of blue paint. This will not only jazz up the look of the kitchen, but will also be good for the quality of the wood.

If you want to know more about the kitchen decor, the interior designer Sydney at Design4Space can help you out. Visit today!