Learn the Top Interior Design Hacks from Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney

Posted in Feb 8, 2015

Thinking of giving your house a fresh new look this year? Well, a number of great interior design trends have been spotted so far, and you can implement some, if not all, of these trends with the help of Design4Space, the leading interior design firm based in Sydney. Whether you want to experiment with colours or try out some new accessories, 2015 may be the best time to let the creativity flow. The Award winning interior designers Sydney from Design4Space recommends the following trends that are expected to become hits this year:

Mixing and matching metals:

If you have a fondness for metal accessories, you may consider creating a mix and match between cool metals like silver and warm metals like rose gold and copper. However, do not place all the metal finish accessories in a single room. Doing so would only make the room look staged. The interior design experts at Design4Space believe that creating a strategic and layered mix is the way to go.

Using painterly rugs:

A high quality rug not only gives a room a stylish look, but it also adds a bit of class. To break the monotony of rectangular shaped rooms or furniture items, use painterly rugs that are designed with irregular patterns. This creates a visually fluidity in a room. The expensive rugs, especially those made of silk are true works of art. Try them out!

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Experimenting with graphic tiles:

Colourful concrete tiles have become quite popular, and these are being used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the specific look of your house, you can find graphic tiles of all kinds. These tiles help you create a perfect blend of graphic design and interior design.

To know more about which interior design trends are hot this year, and which ones are not, check out Design4Space and the works of their award winning interior designers Sydney team here at