Maintain the Balance with the Help of Boutique Hotel Interior Designers

Posted in Nov 5, 2014

Boutique Hotels have enjoyed substantial popularity in recent times. Away from the breath taking architecture and luxuriant design models of conventional lifestyle hotels, these cosy little structures focus on personal attention and enhanced comfort. Lifestyle hotels are places where you need to be seen at and they have an obligation to impress. Boutique hotels on the other hand get you away from the hustle and crowds and provide an ambience that is more “home” styled, personal and accessible. Lately, Boutique Hotel Interior Designers have been approached to implement a design concept that is more eco friendly and responsible to the environment.

Simply planting trees around the structure won’t account for a green approach. Hotels generate close to 2 billion pounds of waste each year, use around 2.5 billion gallons of water, and use nearly 90 billion kwh/year. They also produce over 60 million tons of carbon dioxide in a year. It should also be noted that buildings are responsible for nearly 50% of the worldwide consumption of energy.

By implementing a green interior design concept for these buildings, you can cut down on waste generation by half. Even energy and water consumption can be brought down considerably by taking appropriate measures.

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From the perspective of a designer, it is about instilling the building with a green spirit, taking care of even the smallest detail to ensure that the building meets the green standards. Energy efficient technologies are incorporated for heating and cooling systems. Apart from that, organic products like bamboo and jute are utilised to accessorise and decorate the rooms giving them a familiar and homely feel.

To understand the real way to maintain the balance with your environment without compromising on the structural and design quality of your boutique hotel, you can seek the services of some of the top Boutique Hotel Interior Designers on