Make a Statement for your Space with Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Sydney

Posted in Oct 18, 2014

In principle, a boutique can be any shop that sells specialized products. Generally, the term is used for commercial spaces selling apparel and fashion accessories. So what does a boutique need to get it going? Big brand power? Unlimited collections? Yes, perhaps, but apart from that, design and layout are crucial to the “feel” of a store. You can’t just a fill a space up with chairs, tables and  beds and expect people to walk in and enjoy their stay.

As celebrated designer Charles Eames has said, “Details are not the details, they make the design.” Interior designing for a commercial space is much more than making the space inviting. It’s about discovering the unique personality of a space and arranging it to maximize appeal. This is why hiring the boutique hotel interior designers is so important for your business. Before you talk with your designer, you need to have a clear concept about the theme and the general feel you wish to have for your boutique. Of course, your designer will help you out in deciding this, but you need to make the final call.

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The theme of a boutique and the manner in which it is projected is crucial for your space.It is what differentiates your store from the many out there. It gives it an identity. Your comfortable ambience must stick in the mind of your patrons long after they’ve left the store. You can opt for a young, zingy theme with bright colours to bring energy, or go for a more classy approach with sober shades and antique accessories. To gain insight into innovative concepts to design your boutique or hotel, find boutique hotel interior designers in Sydney. Visit today!