Make the Most of Your Small Business with a Talented Commercial Interior Designer

Posted in Nov 21, 2014

Today, space is a valuable resource. Utilisation of small spaces in key areas has become priority. When you decide to set up a shop in such small space, it is imperative that you engage professional assistance to design your commercial establishment. If you have a talented commercial interior designer to help you out, you can create a great impact with your small store. Here are some valuable insights from top designers on how to devise a strategy to make the most of your commercial space in an affordable manner.

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The Wall is your Canvas

You can paint the wall in a bold and bright shade to add some zest to your store. Apart from adding flavour to your space, you can also create the illusion of more space by doing this. Another option is to apply printed fabric or exotically patterned wallpaper on a wall that flows well with the overall texture and pattern of your store.

Love Thy Windows

A strategically placed window can create the feeling of more space. This need not necessarily be windows that open out to the exteriors. To get a nice airy atmosphere of your store, you can cut windows in the walls that separate two rooms.

The Layering Effect

To make the most of your space and provide your patrons with an easy browsing environment, you can place your merchandise in two or more levels on your wall. The easiest way to achieve this effect is to set up shelving in levels across the wall. The higher you place your items, the more levels you get and you also feel the effect of a larger space.

Let there be Light

Lighting is another crucial aspect of designing for small commercial spaces. You need to ensure that every nook and corner of your space is well lit. You can make use of a combination of track lights, scones, lamps, and even picture lights. This adds dimension to your store in addition to providing adequate lighting.

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