Metallic Interior Designs from the Best Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Nov 15, 2014

Nowadays, it’s common to see metal or industrial type steel patterns being implemented in vast commercial spaces such as lifestyle hotels and even airports. This trend is fast being copied into homes as a lot of people seem to love the shiny gloss of metal adorning their personal spaces. We’re not just talking about the kitchen or bathroom interiors. Metal patterns are now being brought into the living room and bedroom as well. With the recent technological advances made in the science of interior designing, a wide variety of metal finishes and innovative patterns are being incorporated into home interior designs.

Metal patterns have a minimalist and yet elegant appearance that is hard to say no to. They bring in a fresh approach to home interior designing. When planning to opt for such designs, make sure you call on the best interior designer Sydney who has lots of exposure to such projects. You can add a lot of depth to your home interiors by incorporating these metallic patterns to features such as your fireplace or even a water fountain. Of course, you can always go the stretch with your walls and ceilings and make your home really stand out.

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Though not considered to be a favourite option until recently, metallic designs have a definitive advantage over their contemporary alternatives such as wood or fibreglass. Due to the fact that they are treated specifically for home interior use, the details incorporated in your home will have a superior gloss and shine that will last for decades with minimal maintenance. They are smooth and hence easy to clean. The most commonly used metals for home interior design are copper, aluminium, and industrial class steel. If you’re looking to give your home a makeover that is truly breathtakingly modern and stylish, a design based around metallic patterns will never leave you disappointed. Check up with the best interior designer Sydney at Design4Space. To get a clear picture on how to get started, just visit and discover a whole new world of possibilities.