Minimalist Concepts from Your Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Dec 10, 2014

As much as your ideas inspire your home, the interiors of your home can influence the way you think, and consequently the quality of your life. Considering the fact that you spend more than 60 percent of your life time inside your house, it’s crucial that you design your interiors in such a way that it rejuvenates and relaxes your soul. This is why hiring a talented interior designer Sydney is crucial. This psychological aspect of interior designing has led to the formation a whole new branch of architecture known as Neuro-architecture. Through this innovative concept, we can create innovative living spaces that is functional, inspirational, and even healing to its occupants.

Here are some pointers to optimize your home interiors for a better quality of life.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

The rule is simple – more stuff, more space for dust and allergens to accumulate. Accessories are great and give character to your home; however, too many knick knacks strewn all over your living room or bedroom space can prove to be a maintenance nightmare. This is why a minimalistic approach can save you loads of trouble.

Colours can Influence You

It’s your house. You can paint any shade that appeals you. That being said, there is a reason why walls are covered in neutral light shades. It gives you an open and airy feeling that can contribute towards a positive state of mind.

Scan 6


Our brains are programmed to respond favourably to symmetric designs. When you walk in the door, your mind feels calm and relaxed when confronted with simple and symmetric designs. Matching end tables beside your sofa with appropriate table lamps can actually make you feel relaxed.

For more tit bits on how to implement a minimalistic approach for your home interiors, get in touch with a reputed Interior Designer Sydney through today!