Most Current Interior Trends from Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney

Posted in Dec 10, 2014

The year has been abuzz with excitement and fresh innovative trends making waves in the world of interior designing. Interior designers found themselves in a space where they were free to exercise their creative talents to the maximum. Though some trends shone through with originality, some of the classic patterns managed to exhibit amazing staying power all through 2014. Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney have always been looking for inspiration to try out something new. Here are some trends that set the tone for 2014 and had designers purring in delight.

Neutral Stands Out

Neutral shades easily lend sophistication to a space and they continue to dominate the interior design scene in 2014. The fact that they offer a lot of scope for designers to mix and match various elements and patterns make it a popular choice among home owners and designers alike.

Globally Cultured Look

This look has been garnering a lot of attention lately. It is essentially a cocktail of patterns and textures that have been inspired by the international traveller. It is a carefully put together collage of different kinds of leather, antiques that represent different cultures of the world. The great aspect of this trend is that you can keep adding on to it in small increments, making it richer.

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Go Green

Various shades of green have been the craze this year. Check out furniture and antique pieces in worn out jade shades or patterns in emerald to give your room a refreshing change from drab brown and gray hues.

Go Crazy With Geometry

Geometrical designs are great to add punch to your interior décor.  Graphic geometric patterns on a rug or armchair cushion make your living room pop.

Cottage Comfort

The cottage style is all about comfort and cosiness. This popular trend is great to create a homely and yet cultured ambience.

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