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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is an office interior worth? It could be worth thousands of new clients and a bundle of cash if it’s designed well.

Don’t create a bad first impression for your clients. Let the expert office interior designers at Design4Space maximize the ROI of your office space in Darlinghurst with our specialist office fit outs. Too many corporate offices are drab and dull. With our design team on hand, your office can sizzle. You’ll love it, your CEO will love it,  your employees will love it and your clients will love it. A rich office space increases morale and productivity like nothing else can.


Design4Space – Office Fit Out Specialists

We make sure we don’t miss any detail, no matter how slight. Our unique approach creates an ambience tailored to your needs. Need a futuristic and modern design for your tech company? No problem. Want a professional and stylish look for entertaining executives? Easy. Our dedicated team of office interior designers can provide any type of mood or look you’re searching for.

Design4Space has a track record of designing the best office spaces in North Sydney. Our clients value us for our holistic approach to designing. We complete every project on time.We give an overview of the project through 3D rendering before any work begins. Our approach provides your company with a comprehensive quote upfront. Also, we handle all material sourcing and buying as well as any legal contracts and paperwork.


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Our team of experienced and innovative office interior designers are the best in the industry.We use only the most contemporary and aesthetic designs. Your office will radiate after we’re done with it.

At Design4Space, we also specialise in creating radical interior solutions for restaurants, commercial spaces, and much more. Get in touch with us online today or call us at 61.2.9818.3279 to learn how your dream office can become a reality. At Design4Space, you get the very best.