Re-Discover Your Ceiling with Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Nov 21, 2014

The ceiling is the most overlooked aspect of your home whenever you consider a remodel or even when you are implementing a fresh design for your new home. Imagine that your ceiling is a blank canvas where you have so much opportunity to project your aesthetic taste and creative zest. A talented interior designer Sydney can guide you on how to decorate your ceiling so that it adds dimension and personality to your home like you never thought it’s possible. Here are a few pointers from the leading interior designers in Sydney on how to make your ceiling count.

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Be Brave, Be Very Brave

Break conventions and discover your creativity. Why does a ceiling have to be white? Modern day interior designers have experimented on various ceiling themes by giving them colour and texture. You can try painting the ceiling the same colour as your walls or you can try a lighter shade of the colour on your walls. You will be pleasantly amazed by the results you get. Having a mural painted on your ceiling is another exciting option. Tried and tested options for bedroom ceiling include clouds or stars. It has a soothing effect on your eyes and even helps you to calm down when you’re lying face up on your bed.

Getting High

If you have a high ceiling, you have so many options to decorate it. You can try out coffers or boxed beans that add an extra layer to the ambience of your room. In case you are redesigning your old bedroom, you can use boxed beams to conceal additional wiring or air ducts. You can also utilise the spaces between the boxed beams by installing coloured glass designs that are unique and definitely attention grabbing.

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