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Good restaurants are known for two things – excellent food and an inviting ambiance. No one can enjoy good food at a cramped table in dim lighting. Architecture, colour, lighting, sound and furniture contribute to the atmosphere. Great interior design can make or break a restaurant.


To make your restaurant interior attract and keep patrons, update it with Design4Space. Our restaurant interior designers in Sydney can give you a better restaurant.


Design4Space has been designing and creating inviting dining experiences for years. Because Sydney is one of the major tourist destinations in the world, you need an interior design that sets you apart and strikes a chord with diners. You may have visitors from Brazil, the UK, Madagascar or New Zealand. Your restaurant should reflect the needs of an international clientele.

The Design4Space Advantage


Design4Space has a team of the most sought-after restaurant interior designers in Sydney. We’re capable of transforming boring restaurants into glittering gems. Our designers have in-depth knowledge of all recent trends in design and architecture worldwide. Want a swanky club for young party goers? Need a suave atmosphere to make executives and celebrities feel pampered? Design4Space can provide any mood for any food establishment.


When you work with us, we take care of you. We’ll give you a comprehensive quote upfront. Using our 3D rendering service, you’ll know how your restaurant will look before its done. We source only the best materials and accessories. From start to finish, we miss no detail. You’ll love your restaurant after we’re done with it, and so will you customers.


Find out how your restaurant can become a vibrant and inviting space for your patrons. Visit us at call us at 61.2.9818.3279. At Design4Space, you get the very best.