Set the Tone for your Hotel with Top Boutique Hotel Interior Designers

Posted in Nov 22, 2014

Boutique hotels have been recently gaining a great deal of attention. The high priority given to customised comfort and a unique ambience are factors that draw crowds to this niche segment of hospitality. In today’s highly competitive environment, people are looking for a unique ambience that rejuvenates them and provides an alternative to the normal lifestyle hotel experience. They need to be pampered and cared for. This is what a boutique hotel provides to the patron.

What Makes it Boutique

For a hotel to be recognised as a boutique hotel, certain parameters have to be followed. Though these parameters are not well defined, a general consensus has been formed among boutique hotel interior designers as to some of the main characteristics.

  • Boutique hotels focus more on quality service and hence the number of rooms will be limited. An average boutique hotel caters for less than a hundred patrons at any given point in time.
  • From a design perspective, boutique hotels need to be unique in their ambience and should display a personal touch.
  • Instead of playing safe through implementing tried and tested design concepts, boutique hotels need to innovate and offer something that has not yet been provided to their target audience.

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Target Audience

When it comes to deciding on a design concept, the hotel owner needs to identify a target audience. Once you have decided on this target audience, you can always consult your interior designer on the kind of accessories and resources to be utilized to create that special ambience that will attract them.

For example, you can set your boutique hotel around the theme of a library. The ambience will be warm and closed. Within a limited space, you can provide for nice and cosy corners with appropriate furniture and lighting fixtures that could serve well as a place to settle down and enjoy a nice book. Visit  and consult with some of the best Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Sydney to give your boutique hotel a rich and personal touch.