Set Up a Living Wall with Interior Decorators Sydney

Posted in Nov 22, 2014

Bored with the standard bookshelves and boring paintings that adorn your walls? Then you may want to experiment with something fresh and rejuvenating on your walls – a Green Wall. A green wall or a vertical garden as it is also called is nothing but vertical structures that can be attached to your exterior or interior wall structures. Setting up a living wall in your living room can give your living space a refreshing change and create that wow factor that is so hard to achieve. Interior Decorators Sydney from reputed service providers in Sydney such as Design4Space can help you to set up a living wall that is most suited for your personal or commercial space.

Benefits of a Living Wall

Lush green living walls are attracting a lot of interest in urban areas due to the freshness it brings to drab and boring walls. Apart from the visual impact it creates, a living wall has several benefits. Some of the main benefits of setting up a living wall include:

Energy Saving – In a densely populated urban area, a substantial amount of heat is generated due to the fact that the hard concrete surfaces absorb heat and then radiate it into the immediate atmosphere. As a consequence of this, increased power consumption is required to maintain the temperature at comfortable levels. With a living wall, you have a natural surface that can retain moisture and provide automatic cooling without the need for high power consumption.

Health Benefits – Plants absorb harmful pollutants such as dust and carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air naturally. This results in better room air quality and consequently, better health prospects. The clean air helps you to stay protected from urban pollution and even keeps you mentally sharp and alert.

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