Silvery Accessories Still Favoured By Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Dec 10, 2014

When it comes to accessorizing kitchens and bathrooms, today’s home owners certainly have a wide array of choices to choose from. Nowadays, you won’t find it odd when you walk into a bathroom with golden taps and lighting fixtures styled in crystal; however, accessories that have a silvery finish are still considered the best option universally.

The silvery gleam of metal certainly adds a sparkle to your interior design plans, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. This is one trend that has definitely stood the test of time. Most extensively used metals with a silvery finish include chrome, aluminium, nickel, and of course stainless steel. From the most posh hotels to the most humble home, interior designers generally suggest toilet fixtures and plumbing accessories in the silver/stainless steel finish owing to various factors. Some of these include:

  • Chrome and stainless steel are durable and require minimal maintenance
  • They provide immense value for money without compromising on aesthetic elegance.
  • Their reflective qualities render them the ability to fit in easily to their surroundings.
  • You can opt for a variety of different finishes, from dull brushed to highly polish as per preference.

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Even in the kitchens of the most affluent homes, chrome and nickel fixtures and accessories are the most widely used owing to their subtle elegance and ease of maintenance. Today, you have a wide variety of choices in chrome and nickel fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen. You can consult with your interior designer Sydney to gain access to rare and unique pieces of chrome fixtures that would add depth and dimension to your living room or bedrooms.

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