Steps a Commercial Interior Designer Follows

Posted in Feb 23, 2015

Commercial interior designing is a lot different than residential interior design. It doesn’t require a professional to know that the design of an office or commercial space has got to be different from the decor of a house. If you don’t have much knowledge of decorating, hiring a commercial interior designer would be the safest bet. Here at Design4Space, the number one interior design firm in Australia, we have helped clients from all over the country in designing their commercial space exactly the way they want. Our commercial interior designers take each step of the process very seriously, and we treat every project with utmost importance. Take a look at some of the common steps that our designer is going to follow when working on your project:

Writing a detailed brief:

This is the first step of any commercial interior designing project. The commercial interior designer will need to know exactly what you are looking for. The design of the space should be functional, and it should be appeal to the target audience. For example, if it is an office, the needs of the employees should be kept in mind. On the other hand, it if it is a hotel, the focus should be on the expectations of the guests. The brief will mention how the design process will take place. The brief can also be termed as the plan that would be followed when the professional actually starts working on the project.

living room

Set the right mood and style:

There are different styles and moods that one can go for when designing a commercial space. Before beginning work, the experts need to decide on a theme. This requires creativity and vision. There are different themes to choose from – classic contemporary, contemporary, minimalist, and traditional. Once the mood and style has been planned, half of the work is done.

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