Sydney Interior Designers’ Insights into Furniture Design for 2018

Posted in Jul 16, 2018

While interior designers are tasked with transforming drab, impersonal spaces into eye-catching areas, the furniture that is included in these rooms can make a huge difference. In fact, interior designers in Sydney will often suggest clients incorporate certain types of furniture into their newly-designed spaces, to fully maximise the intended look and feel.

Blending Natural with Eclectic

2017 was all about natural furniture, with stylings including wicker and rattan along with textual lighting components all designed to complement and reinforce the relaxed and outdoor-vibe of our modern Australian lifestyles. In 2018, we’ve seen this styling force remain, but paired with a more eclectic style of integrating different shapes, colours and finishes giving more variety to individual areas.

Integrated Storage & Organic Shapes

One this that has become very popular is the inclusion of more integrated storage, both on display and hidden, aimed at showcasing stunning furniture design while still highlighting the clutter. Ultimately, interior designers in Sydney understand that modern living can’t be as sleek and as minimal as we might light, meaning that storage is a great way to declutter a space when required. Design4space is also directing customers to more organic, sculptural shapes, not just in individual pieces, but with lighting and joinery as well.

Fashion Influences

At design4space, we have also noticed the burgeoning influence that fashion design can have on furniture as well. Finding things like the simple lines and texture of Bohemian fashion, incorporated with the sleek, modernism of Lux and even a slight Asian vibe to individual pieces of furniture can make it quite challenging to integrate them into your interior design. An easy way to manage the combination is to focus on any one of these influences within the rest of the space to create an array of looks. Depending on which rug, couch, painting, lighting and furnishings are used, you can create very different atmospheres and mood with your space.

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