The Gold Revolution from Design4Space Boutique Hotel Interior Designers

Posted in Dec 10, 2014

Boutique Hotels offer a unique blend of personalised care and a distinct user experience that is hard to find in the mainstream lifestyle hotels of today. Each boutique hotel offers its own characteristic ambience that sets it apart from the rest. Boutique Hotel Interior Designers are the key to lending this special character to a space by instilling it with rare and innovative design concepts. A lot of boutique concepts are built around trends that evoke a sense of nostalgia, something from the past, to create that special and unique ambience.

The Comeback

Gold embellishments and golden hues were used extensively during the eighties, but the trend did seem to fade rather quickly. The reason behind this was the way it was used. Gold is the ultimate representation of wealth and luxury and a lot of people used golden fixtures and accessories to blatantly showcase their extravagant tastes.

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Where Gold Lies

Golden patterns have made a comeback of sorts in recent years. The key to using gold patterns is to be subtle and dignified rather than loud and gaudy. Gold and brass textures and finishes have been used widely in wallpaper, furniture, cabinetry pulls and a whole lot of other accessories in hotel lobbies as well as guest rooms for boutique establishments. Boutique Hotel Interior Designers find it exciting to explore the possibilities of the concept, both for commercial as well as home renovation projects.


The best Boutique hotel interior designers in Sydney from Design4Space have been working on gold painted furniture and gold leafed painted décor, creating special accents for decorative pieces placed in the lobby and other open spaces in boutique hotels. This gives the hotel character without looking over the top. Golden chandeliers and pendant lights are also preferred fixtures in newly designed boutique hotels.

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