The Significance of Architect-Interior Designer Sydney Collaboration

Posted in Oct 18, 2014

When you see a design that works perfectly and dazzles your eye, what makes it work? The answer is a perfect harmony between the architect and the designer. Although most people are used to hiring the services of an interior designer Sydney toward the end of the conceptualization phase, in order to achieve comprehensive design and flow, the designer should collaborate with the architect and other individuals involved in the shaping of the structure.

While the work of an architect is to provide the shell of the structure, enabling it to  accommodate the basic needs of the client in terms of space, volume and strength to withstand the elements, the interior designer breathes character and purpose into the structure. Interior designing is not just about painting the walls and setting up window dressings. It is about providing the client with a ready-to-use space by incorporating elements that work in harmony  with each other to meet your exact needs.

Although it may seem that everything an interior designer does is visible at first glance, there are many dimensions to the work of a designer that go unseen. Talk to any reputed designerand they will tell you that he or she actually designs the way a user experiences the space. Everything is controlled, from the way light enters the user’s eyes, the feel of a door knob in his hands, the air you breathe in, the sounds generated by walking across the floorand the ease of movement through the space amid fixtures and equipment. The level of quality achieved by bringing in all these elements together in a space and making it work seamlessly determines the worth of a designer’s work.


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