Top Sydney Interior Designers Guide You with Bedroom Decor

Posted in Feb 23, 2015

Whether you have moved into a new house or just planning to redecorate your old house, you should focus a lot on the interior design. If you have always dreamt of your house to look a certain way, the top Sydney interior designers will help you out. Design4Space, one of the top most interior designing firms in Australia, has been helping clients achieve the desired look and feel for their house for years now. This is the place where you would find some of the best talents in the industry. If you are looking for unique decorating ideas for the bedroom, here are few tips that Deisgn4Space experts would like to let you know:

Add lots of pillows:

The bed is the primary focus of the bedroom. To give it a finer touch, you can add a lot of pillows and cushions add more to the style and comfort factor. You can even mix patterns and styles to create a different style altogether. You can combine small prints with large ones and geometric prints with floral. There is a lot that you can do with cushions and pillows. Gather different sizes of these pillows and cushions. Place the larger ones behind and the smaller ones at the front. This contrast in sizes and prints will create a nice, refreshing look. The top Sydney interior designers at Design4Space have always admired this style and they also prefer it quite a lot.

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DIY artworks and wall hangings:

If you have a fondness for arts and crafts, the DIY artworks can be a great way to explore your love for the art. You can create the accessories yourself, or you may buy these items. Boutique stores often sell this type of household decorative items that you can go for. There are various types of wall hangings that you can go for. Starting from paintings to graphic quilts, there are different decorative items that you can hang on the walls. Visit to find out more.