Top Sydney Interior Designers offer Tips on Small Space Interior Designing

Posted in Feb 8, 2015

Want to give your small apartment a fresh new look? Designing a small space can be a struggle. This is a problem that city people have to face all the time. However, it can be solved with the help of a professional interior designer. Design4Space, one of the leading interior design companies in Australia is known for their interior design services. If you are lacking ideas on how to design the small space, the top Sydney interior designers can offer you their expert guidance. Design4Space reveals few common tactics they use when designing small spaces.

Create layers:

In a large house, you get enough space to use the different areas for different purposes. However, with small apartments, the space gets shrunk. But you can still make good use of the space by creating layers. For example, you can break the space inside a room by using loft workspace or loft beds.

Opt for space saving furniture:

When you have to do more with less space, fold-away furniture items come to your rescue. You can significantly maximise your floor space by using these furniture items which not only have the look but also serve the purpose. Murphy beds and futons are some of the great examples of space saving furniture items. With the growing popularity of this type of furniture, the choices have multiplied as well. So there are different furniture items available in the fold-away format.


Use the sneaky storage spaces:

The most economical use of space would be using vertical storage. This type of storage goes beyond the traditional ceiling to floor shelves. You can build storage space around doors and windows. The space under the stairs is also quite great for storage.

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