Use Frosted Cabinet & Countertops- Boutique Hotel Interior Designers from Design4Space

Posted in Feb 28, 2015

Get new ideas from experienced boutique hotel interior designers of Design4Space

The boutique hotel is a place that guests love to visit. Why not? It is here that they get amazing ideas as to how to decorate interiors. You will find that some boutique hotels have the best bathroom ideas you can use for your home or office as well. If you check out these boutique hotels in Sydney, you will find most of them resort to Design4Space professionals for their interiors. The professionals are widely sought after for their innovative ideas and creative minds. They pay attention to every area of the hotel and ensure that even your stint in the bathroom becomes a memorable affair with the decoration.

An introduction to Design4Space boutique hotel interior designers -frosted cabinets and countertops

One hot favourite of these boutique interior designers is the use of frosted cabinets and countertops. They ensure that the designs are modern and sync in well with the ambience of the hotel. Besides, the use of frosted cabinets and countertops, Design4Space professionals also ensure that the colour theme and the wall paper designs used complement the environment of the area. The dishwasher space should also be laminated and sealed to prevent leaks. This is why many guests to these hotels often take away pictures of the decor to gather inspiration for their homes.

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Layout and price

The interiors of any boutique hotel are expensive but costs can be saved with the right layout planning. The speciality of the Design4Space boutique hotel interior designers is that they are aware of what can be saved. This is why they will give you valuable suggestions. They will plan the decor and also ask you for approval only if you can meet the expenses in your budget. The professionals are equipped in the latest decor knowledge and design. They can give you effective and affordable interior designing solutions even if you have decided to re-model a portion of the hotel. To contact them, please visit