What Paint Should You Use For Your Kitchen- As Design4Space Interior Designer Sydney Expert

Posted in Mar 6, 2015

Design4Space interior designer Sydney Expert Advice for kitchen colour scheme

When you are trying to choose a colour for your kitchen, you will find that it is a very mammoth task.  You are confused as to whether you should go in for a dark colour or a pastel colour?  You may have a personal preference wishing the colour scheme to lean more towards white or black. At the same time the cabinets and the countertops are there. They need to blend in with one another.  There is no point being confused and wasting time. You can take help of a Design4Space Sydney expert to guide you with the right choice.


Colour palettes for your kitchen

When you are looking for the correct colour palette for your kitchen, the Design4Space interior designer Sydney expert will give you 3 options. The first option being the plain and simple colour hues like- sky blue, pale yellow or powdery pink, these colours are the ones that many customers prefer.  The second choice is the bold and dark colour like midnight blue, dark grey or black. However, if you like dark and bold colours and wish to have your kitchen done up with them, this can be very depressing. You will have a low mood when you step into the kitchen.  The atmosphere is sad and gloomy. Neon colours are the best when you have decided to highlight your kitchen and make the most of the area. The choices you can go in for are neon green, purple or bright orange. This colour is however popular in the age group of young people as they find the colours to be very attractive.

Bank on Design4Space interior designer Sydney experts for your kitchen makeover

The choice of colour will predominately be your choice after the interior designer from Design4Space advises you on what would work well. To contact them, please visit