What to Expect From Your Commercial Interior Designer

Posted in Dec 3, 2014

An interior designer is generally expected to make a space look nice and suave at a fair price. The concept of interior designing is not just about a superficial layer of aesthetic enhancement. On the contrary, an interior designer is involved from the very beginning of a project. The role of an interior designer is to make a space meet and if possible exceed the expectations of the client. A commercial interior designer is responsible for making a space functional, visually appealing, and safe for anybody who intends to use the space.

An interior designer is often sought to work with experts in different fields such as architects, contractors, consultants for lighting and ventilation, decorators, artists, and whoever may be required to collaborate to ensure the project is completed in the exact way it was visualised.

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From the initial phase to the end, here are some of the services that you can expect from an interior designer:

Planning and Designing – This includes conducting the initial study and analysis for the project to cover costs, space management, feasibility studies, specifications for furniture and other accessories, and finish specifications.

Project Coordination – This includes determining the estimated time required for completion of the project, generating a daily work flow plan, sourcing equipment and technology, and taking care of issues associated with budgetary planning and maintenance.

Schematic Projections – This is the phase where design concepts are projected and reviewed through drawings and make ups of materials and products. The designer may generate or review sketches, detailed architectural drawings, animated walkthrough presentations, and more.

Design Development – This is essentially a polishing up and finalizing of everything introduced in the schematic phase.

Project Documentation – This provides a road map where all the aspects of the project are documented to facilitate easy communication between other design, architectural, and construction teams.

A commercial interior designer may be involved in more advanced stages of the project depending on his expertise and the nature of the project. For more information on the different services provided by top designers, visit