Why Award Winning Interior Designers Sydney Are Falling in Love with Metals

Posted in Nov 15, 2014

Interior Designing has always been about achieving the perfect balance between optimal functionality and aesthetic brilliance. Even small spaces can be made charming and attractive with the professional touch of an interior designer. Various metals have been put to use on exterior surfaces of a structure; however, metals were not considered suitable for interiors. So many factors played against the concept of metal surfaces for interior designing. It was more or less technology, or more specifically the lack of it, that restricted metal coatings and surfaces to the exteriors of a building.

Metals gave a very stark and dull finish when used for wall panels or other surfaces. It was also not suitable for flooring solutions owing to the echo it created inside. Today, technology has come a long way and with advanced treatments and customisation, award winning interior designers Sydney have been using metal surfaces extensively for covering walls, on the stairs, for covering columns, and even as room dividers. More and more architects have been trying out metal coatings for the interior ceilings for large buildings and public areas. With digital technology being applied and interior designers looking for new and exciting options to implement in large public spaces, metal interior ceiling solutions delivers a distinct look that makes it stand out from conventionally designed buildings.

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The metal ceiling concept is mostly implemented for grid type ceiling designs. Apart from being extremely durable, metal ceilings unlike other surfaces do not contribute to the deterioration of indoor air quality and stay cleaner in ceiling structures. Also, metal ceilings provide security for large open public spaces like schools or airports. These metallic solutions can be customised to provide minimal or no access to the plenum making it an apt choice for building owners who wish to keep their space secure. Get in touch with award winning interior Designers Sydney at to know more about the different options you can implement on your space to make it look unique and elegant.