Why Colour is so Important for the Best Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Oct 27, 2014

Colours play a huge role in setting the tone of the design of a room. As far as an interior designer is concerned, using colour intelligently is the most easiest and practical way to implement a remarkable change in the overall vibe of a space. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do for your space. It instils a fresh energy and covers up some of the basic flaws in a space, both from a cosmetic as well as architectural vantage point. It can prove to be a background to develop harmony between the different elements in the room and reflect your personal style statement.

You can instantly set the mood of a room with colours and when intelligently implemented can really give a room a really positive ambience. For instance, you can bring in warmth to a room by opting for some butter cream shades. It will brighten up your room on even the darkest days. Blue and green hues have a soothing effect.

The Best Interior Designer Sydney will know how to leverage the impact caused by colours. They would typically assess the client’s personality prior to thinking about a design concept. This is not just about the colour of your walls, but other elements like furniture, the colour of your shelves, and window drapes all influence your mood and your overall experience of living in that space. This is quality of life we are talking about here and that cannot be compromised.

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Specific combinations of colours can determine the general mood. For example, red and green or blue and yellow can add a dimension that is vibrant and energizing while red and orange or green and blue creates the effect of symmetry and harmony for your space.

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