Why Top Sydney Interior Designers Vouch For Function Over Form

Posted in Dec 10, 2014

There is a reason why you can choose to design a space or decorate it. Well, actually, you can do both if you like. The point is, interior designing is about creating value out of a space rather than just making it look pretty. It’s human nature to pick something out that’s pretty and attractive regardless of the fact that it does not necessarily serve any purpose. You keep following this trend; you would probably end up having a room full of shiny clutter that makes absolutely no sense. This is why it’s important to keep function in priority over form when implementing interior design for your home.

Top Sydney Interior Designers maintain certain guideline to ensure that functionality is instilled into every aspect of their design concept. Here are a couple of pointers.

Every Space Has a Purpose

It’s basically impossible to carry out the interior designing for a space without an understanding of the primary function of a space. Without knowing what a room is going to be used for, you can’t decide on colours, accents, or layouts. Once you have purpose, almost everything else just falls in place.

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Change the Details, Not the Layout

When you have a basic design that is based on purpose, it’s easier to change the form factor. Interior designing is all about embracing change. When you design a space to “make it look pretty” you will find yourself reluctant to switch things around since it is based on minute detailing. With a solid layout in place, you always have something basic to work up from when implementing a change.

Functional Spaces Make A Better Bargain

Regardless of the time and money spent on interior designing, there is always a chance that you would have to move out to a new home at some point in time. At this juncture, it’s always easier to strike a good bargain with a potential buyer if you have a well planned functional layout in place. Basically functional spaces add value to your home.

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