Wire Mesh Marvels From Interior Designer Sydney

Posted in Nov 15, 2014

Metal mesh applications are now extremely popular in interior design concepts. It lends unmatched versatility, is practically indestructible, and at the same time eco-friendly as well. Architectural design mesh has proven to be a great option for the interior design of just about any space. By curving or rolling the mesh for a wall or ceiling and then adding some lighting points, you gain fluidity and movement. Due to the fact that the mesh is woven, you get a reflection point where the wires cross. This design element has been used extensively in top restaurants and entertainment centres.

The reason that metal mesh is so popular is that it provides a great solution for modular walls without using drywall, wallpaper, or even paint. The mesh is rigid or fixed with movement. It is extremely versatile and can be a great option to separate rooms, for light filtration, for security, or just to serve as an accent. Just ask any established Interior Designer Sydney and you will understand what a great option this can be in comparison to other conventional interior design applications. The convenience and aesthetic brilliance it lends to a space is simply unsurpassed.

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There are more than ten thousand different combinations of patterns in weaves and styles. Wire mesh gives you the effect of soft borders that other applications like drywall fail to provide. Since it is available in a virtually endless variety of finishes, it gives you that wow factor that you cannot hope to accomplish with conventional applications like wallpaper, graphics, or paint. It provides a contemporary and sophisticated look to your interiors that will never go out of style. So, if you are looking for something to add some mojo to your interior design with wire mesh applications, check it out with a reputed Interior Designer Sydney from Design4Space. All you need to do is visit